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Playbill: Where to go?

11:30, February 20 STYLE has decided to help the residents and guests of the capital to decide where to go to have a good time. In this section we present any interesting events which will take place in the city during the week. So, what did we pay attention to today and what do we advise to see, listen to or visit?

February 20. Monday evenings can be spent with good music. The Band musical ensemble invites everyone to the Mezzo Club. The concert of the band will be held at 21:00, admission ticket is 4000 AMD.

February 21.  After dancing on Monday, Tuesday can be diluted with humor. Stand-up performer Grig Gevorgyan will present a new mono-performance under the old and popular title "Wow, Grig, Grig." The organizers promise the audience "a very good standup" and "uncontrollable laughter." Tickets cost 3,000-7,000 AMD. The performance will be held at the theater Bohem, the beginning at 19:30.

February 22.  Many people can sing, but very few can feel music with every part of their soul... On February 22 the charming and talented singer Angela Barkhudarian will perform for the first time in Old Arena Music Hall. The evening promises to give unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions. The event is called "A song without borders". Ticket price: 4000, 5000, 6000 AMD.

February 23.  Be sure to find time for theater. Especially since there is a wonderful performance of "Cherry Wine" at the Amazgain Theater on Thursday. The novel is autobiographical, with the Spaulding brothers, Douglas and Tom, at the center of the narrative. The author himself is the prototype of Douglas. Events take place in 1928 in Green City with the two brothers, their family, neighbors and friends. The play begins at 7 p.m., tickets 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 AMD.

Feb. 24. On Friday, a rockin' mood will reign at the Platforms complex. On this day, the most beloved Armenian band "Nemra" will celebrate its 11th anniversary with a big concert. The concert will start at 20:00 p.m. Van Yeghiazaryan, the guitarist and vocalist of Nemra, told STYLE that fans will be surprised on that day. The band will present not only their famous and popular songs, but also a new composition. According to Van, it's completely different from their previous songs, "It might scare our audience a little bit. They'll think it's the end. It won't be the same old, kind and romantic 'Nemra,' but that's a comforting thought. I'd like to point out that the next album we present will be full of melodic, meaningful and tender songs," the singer said. The soloist also noted that the duration of the concert will be two and a half hours. Tickets will start at 6000 AMD.

February 25. Acoustic concert with Katil at the Babylon Theater. Starts at 20:00. Tickets can be bought in advance for 3000 AMD. On-site admission: 4000 AMD. The ticket price includes a glass of wine.

February 26. Russian rap legend Oxxymiron will perform in Armenia for the first time. The solo concert will take place on February 26 at 20:00 in Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex. Oxxymiron went on world tour for the first time in 6 years. He will present his latest album "Beauty and Ugliness", as well as classics and less known songs. Ticket prices: 8,000-35,000 AMD.

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