Brunette outfit at Eurovision 2023 opening ceremony inspired by Mother Armenia monument of Yerevan (PHOTOS)

11:05, May 8

The official opening of the Eurovision 2023 Song Contest took place Sunday in Liverpool, UK.

The event was held with the traditional "red" carpet ceremony which, for the second year in a row, however, was turquoise.

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The representative of Armenia, Brunette, walked the carpet in a dress made by fashion designer Narek Jhangiryan. The First Channel television of Armenia noted that the singer's outfit was inspired by the Mother Armenia monument of Yerevan.

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“The source of inspiration for her clothes is one of the most famous monuments of Yerevan—Mother Armenia. It symbolizes the strength and beauty of Armenian women. With this look, Brunette once again emphasizes the uniqueness and spirit of the Armenian woman,” the First Channel said.

And Narek Jhangiryan, referring to the outfit he made wrote as follows: “I drew inspiration from one of the most iconic landmarks in Yerevan - the Mother Armenia statue. This powerful metallic sculpture of a woman can be seen as you enter the city center and symbolizes the strength, power, and beauty of Armenian women. My dress is a modern representation of this remarkable statue, designed to pay homage to the enduring spirit of Armenian women.”

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Also, Jhangiryan made the look of Brunette for her "Future Lover" song’s music video, as well as the outfit in which the singer will perform on the Eurovision stage.

The first semifinal of Eurovision 2023 will be held on Tuesday, Brunette will perform in the second semifinal on Thursday, and the grand final of this event will be on Saturday. This year the song contest is hosted in Liverpool.

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