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12:14, September 23

Serj Tankian, the lead vocalist of the band System of a Down, shared an archived photo on his Instagram Stories, reminiscing about his first visit to Artsakh years ago.

379630190_280036528224739_1987695216116852719_n.jpg (229 KB)

“From my first visit to Artsakh with my friends,” he wrote on the photo.

Earlier, the musician had called on the representative side of the USA to show justice. He had also called for the United Nations to send peacekeeping troops to Artsakh, expressing concern over the Russian peacekeepers' inability to prevent Azerbaijani aggression.

He emphasized that the responsibility for addressing the ongoing crisis lies with the international community and that "Never Again" should apply to all, as the situation is a crime against humanity.

Tankian had also expressed his view that Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Israel, the United Nations, and the United States bear varying degrees of responsibility in the ongoing conflict. Azerbaijan and Turkey, in his opinion, were guilty of genocide. Pakistan, Israel, the United Nations and the United States were accomplices, he said.

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