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"Amerikatsi" doesn't make it to the Oscar's final but makes a history in the Armenian film industry

18:10, January 23

The film "Amerikatsi" by director Michael Gurjian and producer Arman Nshanyan did not make it to the top five of the Oscar's "Best international feature film" category, but made a history in the Armenian film industry becoming the first film from Armenia featured in the Oscar's shorlist. 

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"When I read the script for the first time, I immediately agreed to work on this film. It did not appear in the finals, but I think it went a long and important way and I felt that it will have such a great destiny. In general, you can do anything in Armenia, you don't need to connect all your dreams only with the outside world, and this historical event is the proof of my words", says Arman Nshanyan, the producer of the film, in a conversation with STYLE.

The final 5 films that will compete in the category are: "The Teachers’ Lounge,” Germany, “Io Capitano,” Italy, “Perfect Days,” Japan, “Society of the Snow,” Spain and “The Zone of Interest,” United Kingdom.

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The movie "Amerikatsi" tells the story of Charlie, an Armenian man, who miraculously survived the Genocide and immigrated to the United States, but his family, unfortunately, were killed in that crime. The story begins in 1947, when Charlie returns to Armenia and faces the harsh reality called Soviet Communism.

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