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Wine Story: Romantic evening over glass of Armenian Karas wines

19:32, February 9

Valentine's Day is approaching, and many strive to create a unique atmosphere of romance and affection. For those who wish to add a special flavor to their celebration, or just spend a pleasant evening with their significant other, Karas Winery offers a unique selection of wines specifically for this beautiful day.

Karas Classic Rose

роуз1.jpg (29 KB)

The selection starts with a charming rosé made of Sireni and Syrah grapes. It represents the most gentle and romantic images of the day: a delicate pink hue reminiscent of warm summer sunsets that lovers meet together, the aroma of berries and sweet strawberry, subtle acidity of raspberries and crisp minerality. It matches well with seafood such as shrimp or oysters, Armenian lamb dishes or grilled vegetables, as well as with desserts. Try it, for instance, with a Mikado, the combination will linger in your memory for a very long time.

Karas Sweet Sparkling

карасспарклинк.jpg (35 KB)

Karas sparkling wines are known for their elegance and persistent perlage. To make this wine, the juicy and aromatic Muscat grapes are hand-harvested from Karas vineyards, then after a press and 24-hour cold decantation, the juice is left to ferment for 30 days at 14°C in stainless steel tanks, under high pressure, after which the fermentation process is stopped by chilling the must, preserving the natural sugar in the drink. Karas Sweet Sparkling especially delights sweet teeth with its lemon mousse aroma, duchess flavor and hints of caramel lollipop. Try making a fruit fondue or French airy macaroons at home to pair with the wine. A sweet evening with your better half is guaranteed in every sense!

Karas Single Varietal Kangun

кангун1.jpg (30 KB)

The wine made from the juicy Armenian Kangun grape variety is distinguished by a bright bouquet of exotic and Armenian fruits: mango, pineapple, apricot, and peach. Thanks to its freshness and lightness, this wine is universal in terms of gastronomy. It marries well with fish, especially cod or dorado, as well as meat dishes, like, dolma, whose green and spicy flavors emphasize the fruity nuances of this wine. Japanese rolls and Italian pasta with light cream sauces go pretty well with this wine too.

Karas Reserve Areni Sireni

areni sireni.jpg (35 KB)

If Rosé creates a vanilla atmosphere, then this wine, for which Areni was aged in amphoras and Sireni in Armenian oak barrels, rather induces a passionate mood, with its deep ruby color, hints of purple, as well as intense rich earthy and cherry aromas. Berries, plums, walnuts and fine velvety tannins come together in the bright fruity palate lingering in a long pleasant aftertaste, while the perfectly balanced alcohol warms up your chest with each sip. The wine will partner up nicely with a juicy steak, cheese or tomato bruschettas, or a not-so-sweet dessert.

Karas Single Vineyard Syrah

syrah single vineyard.jpg (84 KB)

Hand-picked harvest, maceration and fermentation in stainless steel tanks, 14 months aging in Armenian and French oak barrels - this is how the Karas Winery obtains this iconic Syrah wine. The aroma is rich in red and black berries, leather, vanilla and prunes, while the taste is emphasized by captivating tones of dried berries, wood and pepper. We advise lovers of finer wines to aerate it for a while to tame its power. Enjoy it with pasta under a tomato sauce or beef ragu, as well as hard or blue cheeses.

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