Wine Story: Wine ‘temptation’ for Valentine's Day

20:21, February 13

The selection of wines for Valentine's Day is not just an assortment of alcoholic beverages with beautiful labels, but a real palette of flavors and aromas. Liana Aghajanyan, the wine connoisseur of STYLE, offers several delicious options especially for this day—and which will emphasize the atmosphere of the evening and make the time together  more pleasant.

Novel Red Dry

новел.jpg (52 KB)

The young red wine of the Nor Areni winery, made 100% from the Armenian Areni grape variety, reveals bright shades of Cornus fruit, sour cherry, dried hawthorn, and sweet vanilla with an appealing aroma. In each sip, you can feel the delicate and gentle work of the master, which is revealed by tender tannin and mild gastronomic acidity. After drinking it, the not-so-imposing taste left in the mouth has a subtlety of wild cherry and ripe plum. We recommend drinking this wine during a light dinner, it will not dull the taste of heavy and creamy food, and its berry bouquet and balanced alcohol will enable you to relax and enjoy the evening.

 Meyron Claret Dry

мейрон.jpg (30 KB)

If your better half prefers the light and mild floral taste of rosé wine, whereas you like tart drinks, then Meyron has created that wine for you. This wine made from the Areni grape has an pleasant dark-pink color and reveals its profile from the first sip, full of red fruit aromas: strawberry, raspberry, plum, and grapefruit. The taste of this wine is fruity and at the same time slightly viscous, which makes it universal in terms of gastronomy. It should be kept in the refrigerator, but should not be served cold; let it reach a temperature slightly above room temperature to open its complex bundle.

Ombre Rose Collines de la Moure

амор.jpg (68 KB)

It is made from the rich and mild Grenache grape, which is grown on the southern coast of France. This wine captivates with its elegance and delicate work, which is special, by the way, for all French wines. The aroma opens with the sweet fragrance of flowers after the rain and the freshness of berries. The taste is bitter at first and reminds the first bite of a piece of grapefruit, then dissolves into the sweetness of raspberry and red currant, which leave a moderate and quite pleasant, refreshing feeling after tasting. This wine will be a perfect “partner” with seafood or white meats—steamed or grilled.

Tushpa Muscat Semi-Dry

туш.jpg (24 KB)

This wine is made 100% from the local Muscat grape variety, which grows in the Ararat valley, has a rich taste and amazing freshness. A delightful bouquet of subtropical fruits, such as mango and pineapple, will instantly transport you to an island under a palm tree to bask in the sun. The taste, contrary to popular belief, is not perfumey with an "artificial sucrose" feel; rather it resembles the "bite" of a soft, slightly ripe fruit. It is perfectly combined with blue cheeses, as well as creamy brie or camembert.

Kracher Auslese Zweigelt Sweet

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Sweet “temptation” indeed! It is made from Zweigelt, a type of Austrian grape which stands out for its strong tannins and deep ruby color. The wine smells more like an expensive women's perfume, full of appealing shades of sweet cherry, floral nuances, orange peel, and strawberry. But the taste is radically different from what you imagine. It is powerful and juicy, with vivid fruit tones, hints of blackberry jam, herbal spices, and honey, and the aftertaste has nuances of dark berries in chocolate. And to make it sweeter, we recommend taking vanilla ice cream or ethereal eclairs for dessert.

Karas Sweet Sparkling

карасспарклинк-1.jpg (35 KB)

Karas sparkling wines are known for their elegance and persistent perlage. To make this wine, the juicy and aromatic Muscat grapes are hand-harvested from Karas vineyards, then after a press and 24-hour cold decantation, the juice is left to ferment for 30 days at 14°C in stainless steel tanks, under high pressure, after which the fermentation process is stopped by chilling the must, preserving the natural sugar in the drink. Karas Sweet Sparkling especially delights sweet teeth with its lemon mousse aroma, duchess flavor and hints of caramel lollipop. Try making a fruit fondue or French airy macaroons at home to pair with the wine. A sweet evening with your better half is guaranteed in every sense!

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