Yerevan burger guide: In search of the perfect taste

17:38, April 20

In recent years, burger joints have become an integral part of Yerevan's culinary culture, offering a wide selection of juicy burgers to suit a broad range of taste preferences.

However, among this rich variety, finding the perfect burger can be a real challenge. STYLE has looked at both the Armenian capital city's most impressive and less inspiring offerings, and will tell you about their tasty pros and unpleasant cons.

Kaufmann Burger

One of the most famous establishments in Yerevan, which is famous for its wide range of burgers, good quality, and just a pleasant atmospheric establishment in the style of American fast food culture.

Kaufmann Burger.jpg (42 KB)

The specialty of Kaufmann burgers is the logo that adorns the top of the bun, making them recognizable among others. The first impression was encouraging—a soft but not bland bun that clearly raised the bar. The inside of the cutlet was fried until golden brown and went well with the melting cheese and the saltiness of the pickled cucumbers. I would especially like to note the sauce—it was ideally matched to the components of the burger, did not overpower their taste, but at the same time added bright notes and completed the composition of taste.

The only negative that can be noted is that they did not ask about the degree of doneness of the meat. However, in fairness, we note that in most establishments in Yerevan where burgers are served, this is not specified, so it is not critical. In general, you can be satisfied with the quality of the burgers in this establishment; we recommend it to anyone who is looking for a classic burger, or wants to try it in variations that are completely far from the classics.

The average bill at this establishment is 2,500 to 3,900 drams per person.

Classic Burger

You walk in, open the menu, and what immediately catches your eye is the variety of burgers with different toppings, classic combinations in a new version. You order the burger you like and... this is where the fun begins.

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At first glance, the bun is just a detail. But in the world of burgers, every detail matters. It’s just these buns... They seem to be beautiful, but they don’t impress with their taste; they are too reminiscent of a loaf of bread from the supermarket. One would expect more from them—juiciness, tenderness, taste that would complement the aroma of juicy meat and spicy seasonings. The impression was saved by the succulent meat, which was fresh and well fried. The portions are impressive, so you definitely won’t leave here hungry. And, of course, the necessary element is the sauce. A good sauce can save the day even with an imperfect bun. And here the sauces really delight—aromatic, rich in taste and ideally combined with every component of the burger.

So, despite a few quibbles with the buns, my impressions of this burger place remain positive.

The average bill of this establishment is 2,400 to 3,700 drams per person.

Pitstop Burger

Pitstop Burger.jpg (65 KB)

The beef patty burger from this true fast food establishment was truly impressive in every way. Let's start with the cutlet itself—juicy, well-cooked, which contributed to a pleasant aroma and texture. Additional ingredients also played a role in creating a great flavor balance. The cheese melted on the hot patty gave the burger an extra layer of creaminess and richness. The vegetables—crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and pickles—added freshness and flavor as well as visual impact in every bite.

But of course, every burger has room for improvement. For example, a little extra sauce with a rich herb or spice flavor could add even more depth and character to the burger, complementing the meat with its own nuances.

Overall, this burger was a real gastronomic treat and is recommended for connoisseurs of high-quality burger culture.

The average bill of this establishment is from 1,700 to 2,400 drams per person.

You can find a wide variety of burgers in Yerevan, including classic versions with chicken, angus and pork, as well as exotic combinations with seafood, fruit, and various toppings. Burger establishments in the Armenian capital city strive to offer a variety of flavors and toppings, which pleases gourmets and connoisseurs of delicious food.

However, the overall “problem” that can be identified is the lack of emphasis on the quality of each ingredient and the flavor harmony of the burgers. It often happens that burgers lack expressiveness of taste, and sometimes the combination of ingredients does not always highlight their best qualities. This is not critical, but some burger culture connoisseurs may miss the uniqueness and appeal of each burger offered. In addition, you can notice the imperfection of buns at Yerevan burger joints. While they're often soft and flavorful, some buns can be prone to turning into a soft, gooey clump, especially when sauces are poured on too generously, or when there's a long wait time to order.

That being said, taking a good bun and putting it past a point where it would have been perfect can be a challenge. Improving the quality of burger buns could be an important step towards improving the culinary experience and satisfying diners' taste expectations.

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