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11:02, June 4

Justin Jedlica is a Slovak American model and businessperson, who is mostly known to the world as The Human Ken Doll. Recently the media spread news on  Justin’s 191st cosmetic procedure, in order to get a set of angel’s wings. In reality, how many procedures has the 34 years old model gone through and what are his plans for the future? STYLE has found the answers to all these questions through an exclusive interview with the living doll.

- Justin, why and when did you decide to change your appearance?

-I knew I wanted plastic surgery from the time I was 14 years old. I loved to sketch and sculpt the human form, a child and adolescent. Additionally, I loved design and as a teen wanted to very much be an architect - which for me is funny as I currently see myself as a design expert in the field of plastic surgery - the architect for my consulting clients bodies. I was always enamored my style, design and beauty. I started having consultations with plastic surgeons at the age of 17 with my first surgery at 18.  

- Was it initially decided to be like a Ken Doll?

-I always idolized celebrities, luxury lifestyles and loved plastic surgery as way to be creative and artistic - manga was always a bit more of an inspiration than “ken”, as I always felt my looks and physique lent me to look a bit more Asian (although my background is Eastern European - but I enjoy looking multi -ethnic).

- What was your family’s reaction on your decision?

- My family has always been supportive and appreciates me as an innovator in the field of plastics.  My mother is my biggest fan!

- How your life has changed inside and out after you got your final image?

-Well, I don’t know that there is a “final" image. But the process of constantly “remodeling” myse;lf is a fun and creative one. It’s given me confidence in my craft as an artist and body mod individual

-You have a very unique appearance. What comments do you usually receive whenever you appear in public places?

- People are more curious and intrigued by my process of change and expression. In a face to face interaction, everyone has been extremely sweet and complementary. Online haters exist but I think it stems from envy - I have invested a lot of money in myself, but no different than others treat themselves to fancy cars, houses, clothes or jewelry - these are all things that validate us as individuals and are luxury items, not necessities. I just choose to do it in a bit of a more unorthodox way.  

- Justin, as the mass media states, recently you have had your 191st cosmetic procedure. Are you satisfied with the result or do you think of having other procedures?

-I’m actually up to 245 cosmetic procedures. As you know TV shows take a long time to be filmed, edited and released. To date I don’t regret anything I’ve done. The process of innovation to male plastics is something that enamors me.  The challenge to infuse art and anatomy as a pioneer in this field is a driving force; not just in my own customizations, but in the way I can help others with new implants and procedures that I’ve been privy to devise.  In the future, I’d like to augment my Trapezius muscles, Abdominal muscles, Quadricep muscles and Calve muscles- all with personally custom designed implants; My ideas with these 4 muscle augmentation procedures will be like nothing that world of plastics has currently seen or offered. 

-Sometimes plastic surgeries go wrong and people complain about their results. Have you ever been dissatisfied with any of them? 

- I don’t think that unhappy is a term I would use. Many of the procedures that I’ve pioneered have never been done before. Therefore I act as my own "guinea pig” and the doctors and I undertake theses surgeries with the understanding that revisions may be necessary to reach an optimal result - we are both "in the know" that this is a risk form the beginning – it’s a labor of love.

- Besides plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures, what else do you do to keep fit?

- Honestly, I have great genetics and I think that plays a major role in my physique. I don’t have a “sweet tooth” really, but I’m not someone who diets at all. And I honestly haven’t been to workout in over 6 years. However, for me, this journey is less about wanting the illusion of being “fit” or “athletic” and more about the artistry in body modification - I love the power I hold in customizing myself.

- Besides modeling, what other plans do you have for the future, Justin?

- Over the last 3 years I’ve been extremely busy fostering my career as a reality TV star. My status as a public figure is very important to me and I really would like my message to the public to be one of hope and inspiration. I was born into a lower income family of 6 with little-to-no money and minimal possibilities for living a luxury life. My plastic surgery has been a “tool” in my life that has given me a passion, confidence and now career by embracing what I love - and although, an ODD “hobby” to most, it’s only been with embracing my difference that I have found success . My mom used to always say to me as a child, “don’t follow the trend, be the trendsetter”. That has been one of the most profound statements of my life - learning to own who I was, being proud of it and not making an excuses for it. Society likes to label us as individuals. I have challenged the “norm” and that makes people uncomfortable. But if I can make people question things like “what is masculinity / femininity”, what is “beauty" and why do these labels / stereotypes exist then I’ve done this world a great service to think outside the box and dispel a lot of discrimination for kids who may be thought of as "different”.  It’s these kids who are “different”, the "under-dogs” (if you will) that may very well have a voice that far exceed the common person who accepts the socially and politically correct way to act and think.


I'm currently, trying to land my own reality TV Show with a major network, working on a book about society and plastic surgery/body modification. I am of course always looking into designing new body implants and I would like to eventually put out my own muscle augmentation implant line as I feel the current options are sub-par compared to the possibilities that SHOULD be offered to the public for both cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. Lastly, but by no means the least of my interests I have opened my own consultation business - offering information to clients based on my own experiences to help others in their journey through the process of plastic surgery and body modification. Being an expert in this business, it’s a great feeling to act as an advocated for people that come to me.  I can hopefully guide my clients to a newfound sense of confidence and self empowerment through my concierge service. Designing custom fitted implants for clients is just one of the many things that I offer amongst my myriad of services. This business has been an extremely personal and rewarding one for me.



Syune Arakelyan

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