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Uttaran star Rohit Khurana on Vansh, his career and Armenian fans. STYLE Exclusive

13:01, April 4

Bollywood TV series Uttaran has become one of the favorite TV novels for many Armenians, that’s why STYLE always approaches to its characters. But today we have a special surprise for all the fans of Uttaran. We have had a very interesting interview with one of the stars of the show-Rohit Khurana, who embodies Vansh. Bollywood actor speaks about his character, his career and shares his wish with all his Armenian fans.

-Rohit, thanks for agreeing for the interview. If I'm not mistaken, you have started your career as a model. But now you're also one of the most known actors in India. How did you think of continuing your career as an actor?

-Yes, I started my career as a model, I modeled for famous brands and however my passion was always acting. I always knew that modeling was stepping stone to my career in serials. Therefore, I focused on my looks and modeling initially and thereafter, I worked hard on my acting skills and got a break in serials. In the course of last few years, by God’s grace I got the most challenging roles and people lauded my acting and loved me for it.

-You have worked in lots of TV series and movies, but people all over the world mostly know you as Vansh from Uttaran. What do you think, what was the success of that movie?

-I agree to disagree, people know me for movies and serials. However, Vansh became a cult or should I say my synonym and people recognized me for that role in Armenia. In India people know me for variety of roles I played in various serials. People loved the roles I played in movies, for example my movie Singh vs Kaur, received positive response, I played a negative character ROOP and people liked my role. My friends in reel and real life know, my funny side. Because of that trait I was offered a light comedy movie, Men will be Men. So I keep experimenting and I have been successful mostly in carving a niche for myself.

- I know that many people were sad, after Vansh died in the movie and when they couldn't see him any more. How did you manage in that short period to capture so many hearts?

-Haha, Vansh was special to everyone including myself. Because it broke the conventional stereotype notion that once a villain you die a villain. I played negative character, a dug addict. I personally went to different parts of the Mumbai city to understand the life of an addict, how substance abuse affects them. Then I inculcated that into my acting to bring realistic image, thereafter Ichcha changed me with her love and my role became positive. So there were different shades of my character, anger, hatred, love and care. The sudden demise was part of the script. May be the director didn’t like me that much so he wanted to get rid of me. I am just kidding. I may have died in the serial but I lived in millions of hearts. That was more important to me.

-I see your posts, you are not like Vansh, you are very positive… Was it easy to embody him?  What did you like most about Vansh?

-Haha, no that’s not fair, Vansh was positive character, too. He loved, cared and stood for Ichcha, so in a way, Vansh had a heart. Believe me, people think playing negative role is easy but its most hardest because you have become who you are not, then to make it look natural, you have rehearse a lot. I like Vansh simplicity, honesty and how he rise back from his darkest past.

- Do you have anything in common with him?

- Yeah, we both are doppelganger, on a serious note life is full of challenges, we all go through different phases and your perseverance and persistence makes you strong. This is common between me and Vansh. We both went through different phases in course of life. In short never give up

-I know that you have 2 kids.  Do you want them to become actors?

-Honestly I have never thought on that, my parents never forced their opinion on me and likewise I will never force my opinion on my Kids. They get to choose what brings the best in them. Me and my wife will always support them in their journey.

- Did you imagine that you're so popular in Armenia? Do you have any Armenian friends?

-Armenia and India relationship goes way back. King Alexander came to India en route Armenia, he brought Armenian force with him, and our relationship goes back to Xenophon times. India always remain close to Armenia. I always knew our cultural similarities but I never imagined that people there would love me so much. I am indebted to them. Yes, I have friends in Armenia, I even have local PR agent in Armenia. I am already discussing few projects and looking forward to work in Armenia. You never know, you will see me there doing your shows or endorsing few brands.

-What would you wish to all your Armenian fans?

-I would like to say to them, keep loving India and our show Uttaran. We all love you.

with Armenian TV host Vardan Sargsyan

-By the way, from March 8 to April 7 Armenia is celebrating Women's month. Would you wish anything to Armenian women, who like you very much?

-I am so excited to hear that, Armenia celebrating women’s month. To me everyday is celebration because women played a significant role in my life, from my mother to my wife and now my daughter. My message to the women in Armenia is keep empowering your lives with the great work that you do everyday and believe in yourself, because you are special. Keep loving everyone around, because in your care lies your strength.

Syune Arakelyan

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