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14:35, July 17

Belgium-Armenian famous singer KeyOh has celebrated her birthday on July 11. This year the singer has had 2 birthday parties. She shared the details with NEWS.am STYLE.

«Exactly at 00:00 my husband told me to close my eyes and go to the room next door.

He had flowers, balloons and card for me. Usually it's very hard to surprise me, I always suspect something but not this time. Jason is getting very good in this. I think he learned it from me ( laughing ). Jason was right next to me and he was the first to wish me happy birthday. Right after that my best friends called me from Belgium and Italy».

The singer's birthday was full of surprises.

«We went for a brunch, than all afternoon we have been shopping and in the evening  Jason and I went to a restaurant. When I got home, there was a big cake waiting for me.

I just don't like to celebrate my birthday without any of my family members. I let the whole attention for my sisters 35th Coachella Birthday party this weekend in Belgium . As the difference between my sister Anna and me is 3 years and 3 days, we usually celebrate our birthdays together. Only on special birthday we don't»,-says KeyOh.

We also were interested what present did she get from her husband.
«He got me a bag I wanted a while ago. Didn't think he actually even would remember about it. I don't like to talk about brands and trends but it's a good, like a real good bag. As every girl, I'm also always happy with a nice bag.

I love to get sentimental presents with meaning and I go wild for balloons. Everyone knows that and I'm always curious to see how well my loved once know me and how creative they were for me. The only person who's allowed to give me expensive present is my husband ( laughing)».

Unlike a lot of people KeyOh likes to celebrate her birthdays.

«I'm obsessed with my birthdays. I think everyone should always be excited about birthdays and not fear of getting older, it's a privilege denied to many. It's all about celebrating a day, that God gave you life to enjoy»,-sais the singer.

Syune Arakelyan


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