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11:22, September 22

The representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2017, Hovig has some news for his fans. The singer with Armenian origins has recently released the acoustic version of his hit song Gravity with which he was representing Cyprus in Eurovision. In his new interview with STYLE Hovig talked about the new Gravity and his plans of having a solo concert in Armenia.

“I had performed once Gravity acoustic in the Netherlands, when I was for Eurovision promotion. This summer I had the chance to perform it multiple times during my shows, and I started liking it a lot in the acoustic form. That’s when I decided to give it a totally new instrumentation and record it. I have to say I’m really excited for this project as I did the whole video clip myself as well. This is my first attempt to do a video clip  and I’m really happy that people like it”,-says the performer.

For Hovig Gravity is a very important song, cause it is related to one of the most exciting stages of his life.

“I love the song. For me this song is attached to a very exciting period of my life. I love both versions. When I’m vunrebale I prefer the acoustic version, as I think it’s much more personal and close to your ears without big instrumentation as the original version.

The original version, however, gives me strength. I think if you like the original version then there is no way not to like the acoustic one”.

The singer says that he has never thought about what could happen if he represented the acoustic version on the Eurovision stage.

“I haven’t thought of anything like that. If I had to choose now, I would choose the original version of course. It is more powerful and more Eurovision”.

By the way, this summer was a very active period for Hovig.

“Thanks God. I love performing and I managed to combine my performances with some day offs and some travelling. I am a very lucky person to live in the beautiful island of Cyprus where you can be at the beach in 20 mins”,-says the performer, who has plans to visit Armenia with a solo concert.

“I hope very soon I will be back for a live concert. I am trying to create the right circumstances for a concert. Hopefully that will be very soon and you will be from the first ones to find out”.

Syune Arakelyan


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