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Director of latest Armenian Genocide movie in Yerevan: We didn’t shoot it for just a month, but for 100 years (PHOTOS)

14:21, September 22

Terry George, the director of The Promise, the latest movie about Armenian Genocide, is in Armenia’s capital city of Yerevan; this is his second visit to the country. He visited Armenia for the first time four years ago, to conduct studies for this film.
During Friday’s press conference, George said when he heard from non-Armenian filmmakers or audience that they had never heard of the Armenian Genocide and are surprised that the United States or Great Britain have not recognized it to this day and that the Turkish government denies the genocide, he believes this movie is a success.

The director added that he basically came across two views from those who watched this movie: “We knew very little about the Armenian Genocide,” and “We knew nothing about it.” He expressed a view that The Promise solves some educational issues also in this regard.

And, besides, in Terry George’s words, they are trying to draw attention—through this film—to the refugees’ issue which still exists. He noted that the greatest crime of the 20th century has not yet been recognized by the international community, and that is why today we see what is happening in Syria and Myanmar.

The filmmaker stated that they did not shoot The Promise for just a month, but for 100 years.

In turn, Eric Esrailian, the co-producer of this film, attached importance to Chris Cornell, the composer and performer of the soundtrack of The Promise. To note, Cornell committed suicide in May.

As per Esrailian, despite not being an Armenian, Chris Cornell was so caring about the Armenian Genocide issue, he had put his heart and soul into his song, and he condemned genocide denial.

By Shushan Shatikyan

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