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POPcorn blog STYLE Exclusive: “I would love to visit Armenia very soon”. Nandish Sandhu

12:05, September 27

Bollywood TV series Uttaran is nowadays very popular in Armenia. The fans are mostly interested in the future of the main characters- Iccha and Veer. And now a lot of them are missing actor Nandish Sandhu, because in  recent episodes shown in Armenia Veer is embodied by another Indian actor Vicas Bhalla. STYLE has a surprise for all the fans of Nandish here in Armenia. We have recenly had a very interesting talk with the actor, which you can read right now:)

Nandish, as many actors you have also started your career with modeling. Was it easy to get parts in Indian movies?

Nothing worth having is easy in life. There is no shortcut to hard work no matter whichever field it is. I faced a lot of struggle before I got my first break.

You have worked in a number of movies, but in Armenia, you are mostly known as Veer from Uttaran. Could you remember how were you offered that role?

I had to go through many rounds of auditions for that role. Only after the shortlisting, I was called to meet the producer for the first time. 

Veer is the ideal man for a lot of Uttaran fans. He is kind, clever, carrying... What can you say about your character? Do you have much in common with him?

I have played all sorts of characters in my acting career so far and will be playing much more. In every character we portray on the screen a part of us is always there, but we are never completely like any of the characters. That's what an actor is supposed to do. 

Were there any parts of the script, when you wanted to change some features of your character?

A lot of times there were suggestions and alterations made from my end and the director was kind enough to incorporate them in the scenes, so as to add my flavor to the character. 

Which character do you consider to be your best during your career?

I always like the latest character that I am about to play. So as you mature and grow in life so do your choices. 

You have a lot of fans in Armenia, most part of which are girls and women:) Would you reveal some personal secrets of your life? Are you married or do you have a girlfriend?

I really appreciate their love and affection. Well!! Do you have any girl in mind for me if I am single? :)

Many Bollywood stars have success in Hollywood as well. Do you think of working in Hollywood?

Yes, I would someday definitely want to work in Hollywood. 

You are very popular in Armenia. Do you know anything about our country? Do you have Armenian friends?

I just know one thing that Armenian people are really beautiful and sweet. I have some fans in Armenia with whom I am touch with and some have sent me gifts too and that's really sweet of them. 

There are some rumors that you are going to visit Armenia very soon. Could you please reveal when it will happen? With what project?

I would love to visit Armenia very soon. Just waiting for few things to finalize. Shall announce it once it’s concrete. 

Syune Arakelyan

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