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Exclusive. Actor Roman Mitichyan on visting Armenia with Serj Tankian and new Hollywood projects with Christian Bale and Sylvester Stallone

12:21, May 15

Hollywood actor Roman Mitichyan, who is best known from such movies and TV series like Extraction, The Promise, Furious 7, The Night Shift, Without a Trace, Scorpion and a lot more was recently in Armenia,. The actor together with his good friend Serj Tankian arrived in Homeland on May 7 to support Nikol Pashinyan and Armenian people protests. Roman stayed in Armenia for just 6 days, but has witnessed a lot. The actor shared his emotions on Armenian revolution, spoke about the welcome he and Serj recieved at the Zvartnots airport and, of course, revealed some details on his new Hollywood projects together with Christan Bale ans Sylvester Stallone.

Read about all this in STYLE’s new interview with the actor.

Speaking about the Armenian revolution Roman says.

“From the very beginning of Nikol Pashinian’s movement I did believe he had a different approach, from peoples perspective I don’t blame them because my people had been through this and didn’t succeed to free from this dictatorship, so I completely understand, but when this became real and we got invited by Nikol Pashinian with my good friend Serj Tankian I knew this is more than revolution, this is the bright future of New Armenia”.

The actor adds. “I know this is just the beginning and it would be hard but Nikol Pashinian was very prepared and ready. Knowing my people of Armenia went through terrible events in human chapters and going through very hard times now, but they are very strong soles, I expect to see New Armenia- quick positive change. By the way, I will be back beginning of July and see some good changes”.

Roman also revealed how he and Serj Tankian decided to fly to Armenia together and what interesting things happened on the plane.

“Me and Serj- we would constantly get on phone and discuss and plan and not sleeping 24 hours and watching what was happening in my Homeland was very emotional and tough for me to see, but I also knew people couldn’t go on this way no more. I got a little sick, flue and fever, so was Tankian but we were happy to be there by my people side what they really wish to see, in New Armenia. Our plan to Armenia was quick next thing we were on the plane to Armenia”,-says Roman who lately had been to Armenian in 2016.

Then he goes on sharing with the happy insident on the plane. “Let me start from Los Angeles, when we got to Airport, that’s when I saw so many Armenians flying to Armenia, of course, with one purpose- to see New Armenia and freedom to my people, so I saw people cheering for our talented friend Tankian. Our flight was LA-Moscow and connecting Moscow to Erevan when we got inside the plane and half way I saw a lady, who started singing Armenian anthem and people in the plane fallowed with cheering for victory that was a unique experience. Once we exit the plane I witnessed from every airport worker to every other Armenian was cheering they were happy. Nikol Pashinian personally was there waiting with greetings and lots of people were outside of the airport. We got out of our cars and walked. It was an experience for me and I personally saw and felt the victory! Watching on TV- it’s one thing, but seeing my people into there eyes from small to adults was something I will remember for the rest of my life”.

Now the actor is flying back to US, where he has already some finished projects. Roman says, that he also would like to produce a movie which would connect Hollywood and Armenia.

“I would love to be more productive at this moment to try to make a film and TV bridge between Hollywood and Armenia. I think Armenia has all the great locations and would love to help our talented people to grow in different level, so the world can know more about Armenia”.

As for the Hollywood projects. “I just finished shootings in a film about Dick Chaney-a very dark comedy staring Christian Bale. This is my second film with him. There are also other great actors involved in this film with talented director Adam McKay, and I have films coming this year Escape Plan 2, with Sylvester Stallone and Dave Bautista, another one with Jammy Fox and lots of other TV projects and films”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos from Roman Mitichyan’s personal archive

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