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Armenian beauty Narine Ishhanov on participating in Miss USA 2018 and Armenian roots

14:11, December 25

She was crowned Miss Utah USA 2018 gaining the opportunity to represent Armenian beauty at the Miss USA 2018 beauty contest. But Narine Ishhanov-Armenian beauty from Utah, doesn't take modeling in the first place in her life. She has more achievements to do, about which 25-years-old beauty talked to STYLE.

Narine, I know that you were born in Turkmenistan. How your family moved from Armenia?

My great-great grandfather during the Armenian Genocide ran to Iran with his family, and then they moved to Turkmenistan. That's how I ended up in Turkmenistan.

Have you ever been to Armenia? Do you speak Armenian, or know anything about its culture?

I've never been to Armenia, it is my goal though! I understand a little Armenian and speak a little, but I'm more fluent in Russian. And yes I know the Armenian culture very well, as well as practicing it with my family. My culture is everything to me, I embrace it in every way possible.

What education do you have?

I graduated with a major in Psychology and minor in Chemistry and currently in pursuit of School of Dentistry.

How did you start your modeling career? How the beauty contests appeared in your life?

A lot of people ask me this, initially and still to this day I'm not concentrated on my modeling career, to me it's almost like a hobby what I love to do for fun. What I am hoping to achieve in the future as a career is become a successful dentist and open up my own Medical Spa. Beauty competition appeared in my life when my mother told me she wants me to be the first full Armenian woman to be on the Miss USA state.

Which was the most important beauty contest of your life?

I have to pick two most important beauty competitions in my life: Miss Utah USA 2018, which is the one that I won and Miss USA because that was a dream come true. I've been competing for the Miss Utah USA title 6 consecutive years, so I won on my 6th try. It wasn't easy, especially with my background, but I did it! And as mentioned earlier, I decided to take part in this competition because of the opportunities and I wanted to be the first Armenian woman to be on the Miss USA stage. Of course, I also wanted to serve my beautiful state, that I absolutely love and represent it a whole year as best as I possibly could.

What did you gain from the contest?

I gained so much from the Miss USA competition: friends, opportunities, confidence, working with inspirational people, and even learning more about myself!

What will be your next achievement?

My next biggest achievement is to get into School of Dentistry and continue growing my trucking business.

A lot of models concentrate on their careers forgetting about their personal lives, making own families. What about you? What is more important for you?

To me, no matter what, my family comes first and it has always been my number 1 priority because that's the way my parents raised me. Then comes  my career.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos from Narine Ishhanov's Facebook page

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