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15:11, June 11

It’s already the second year that Armenia holds Fashion Forum Yerevan. This year, the forum is scheduled for June 25-29 by the efforts of Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia, EU for Business program by EU and State Tourism Committee of Armenia.

The forum is aiming to develop the prosperity of fashion in Armenia.

“The main aim of the forum is to develop the skills of not only famous but also new designers and students and to make possible their professional exchange. Apart from the opening ceremony we will also have a fashion exhibition on June 25, during which we will represent the collections of Armenian designers including national dresses and accessories. The exhibition will last till June 29”, says designer Vahan Khachatryan, who is also the head of Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia. He also informs that during the second and third days of the forum nearly 12 specialists from different countries will come to Armenia for master classes. The educational program was represented by Elen Manukyan, the head of projects of the chamber.

“We mostly emphasize the international experience, that’s why we’ve invited professionals from different countries including UK, Italy, Lebanon, Russia and Switzerland. Among the specialists you can find lecturers, journalists, who are also fashion specialists. The editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Italia will also be in Yerevan during these days. This year’s concept is to represent Armenian culture and to show our heritage through the shown works,” Manukyan said.

The chair of State Tourism Committee of Armenia, Susanna Safaryan, in her turn, thinks that the forum is very important for tourism development in Armenia.

“This kind of events are serving for the tourism development in Armenia and are good for the fame of the country. I’m very happy that this forum is also linked to tourism and I wish the program to have a huge success hoping that it will be held every year. This is our aim,” she noted.

The importance of the forum was also highlighted by the head of the EU for Business program, Eva Neher, who thinks that the forum has a very interesting structure. According to her, she sees a lot of potential in the fashion field in Yerevan.

Speaking about the most important points of the forum, Vahan Khachatryan included the exchange of the skills and coverage by the international media.

“Any experience of raising the name of Armenia in the world is a very positive aspect for our country,” he noted.

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