I think I have both Armenian and Greek characteristics: Athena Manoukian on her looks and beauty secrets

14:05, May 7

A girl shining like a diamond-this is how Eurovision fans define Armenian-Greek singer Athena Manoukian, the winner of Armenian national selection for Eurovision 2020. Athena attracts the fans not only with her songs and musical style, but also beautiful looks and especially sweet smile. How she manages to work hard and always shine on the stage? In order to find out her beauty secrets STYLE has had an interesting and beautiful talk with Athena Manoukian!

“First of all, I think beauty comes from inside. But I can tell you, that both of my parents are very beautiful and they say I have many similarities from both of them”, says the singer, who has inherited a lot of features common to her roots.

“I think I have both Armenian and Greek characteristics, and this is something I really like. Most of them say, that I have Armenian eyes. I agree”.

You may think, that Athena spends a lot of time in gym to keep fit, but she denies this saying.

“To tell you the truth, gym is not in my favorite things to do. But I really love dancing. So, I’m trying to combine those, two. As for diets... I really love food. All you have to do is to keep the food balance. That’s the secret”.

Sometimes you need to change something in your appearance to be confident and comfortable with yourself… Athena is also open for some changes, that can make her happier and more confident.

“Well, if I don’t like something on me, like clothes or hair or whatever it is, I will change it. But I believe that we should all be confident with who we are. We are all beautiful and we all have our diamonds to shine. I have confidence, but sometimes I laugh with myself also, because, for example, there are times I’m so bored to pick the right clothes or do my hair and make up and I look completely whatever. But this is good, because you feel free. You should try it, if you haven’t yet (smiles)”.

However, she adds, “I don’t think I could ever change something on me as I’m really afraid of plastic surgeries. As about that, I believe that if you don’t feel comfortable with something on you and you want to change it, then do it, but I don’t like, when it’s too much. You also need the balance here, too”.

In her everyday life the beauty feels confident even without make up. She says, “Most of the times I go out without make up, and if I wear, it’ll always be natural. As I use it a lot in my work, I prefer to be natural in my daily life”.

She thinks that every woman is beautiful due to her own personality.

“This is the most important. How comfortable she feels with herself. How she thinks and talks is also important. A woman has to be classy, but also funny and not be afraid of getting out of her comfort zone. If you combine all these together, then you’re out of this world. Be crazy. Be you”.

Syune Arakelyan

Photos from Athena Manoukian’s Facebook page

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