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Athena Manoukian: I was not born in Armenia, but Armenia was born in me!

22:02, October 15

Armenian-Greek singer Athena Manoukian expresses her support towards Armenia. Her new Instagram post tells a story about her connection with the homeland where she was not born, but which has become very close to her heart and mind.

“Dear all, my name is Athena Manoukian.

I maybe not be born in Armenia, but it's unreal how this country can make me feel. I remember when I arrived for the first time, walking in the airport with my suitcases to the exit, I listened to a man saying ‘’Barev dzes’’ with a big smile. He wanted to help me even though he wasn’t working there. I remember ordering something to eat when a beautiful lady asked me kindly if I was Armenian and where am I coming from. She could tell that my eyes are 100% Armenian. I agreed. When my order came, she gave me another bag full of things. I asked her what is this and she replied that is the welcome of visiting our country. It contained some Armenian sweets and cake. She gave me more than what I ordered. Walking on the streets of Yerevan, I was feeling such a calm aura, I felt that I belonged there. I went to Republic Square which became my favorite and my feelings were mixed. Sitting there, I was thinking of what this country has been through all those years and how big-hearted all is, as all you could see is kindness, simplicity, and happiness. True happiness. I remember having my favorite dish (Spas Soup) with my beloved friend Roza Grigoryan and I was listening to her saying how important family and friends are for her and Armenia. How bonded and connected are as a country and always ready to support our land. Seeing and observing all that, I felt more proud of being a part of this nation and desired to devote a bigger part of me to Armenia. After many years of work and dedication, being a Eurovision representative for Armenia brought me tears. And the most important was when I realized how amazing people I met. People that supported me, loved me, and accepted me for who I am. For them I am family and for me also. This was a small story of how Armenia looks in my eyes. I’m proud. This is Armenia. A country that always taught the world how to love, connect, accept, and fight for their people. And it has to be recognized. More. And to get what it truly deserves. I was not born in Armenia, but Armenia was born in me. Stay strong my Armenia! My soldiers!Yes sirum em qez!”, wrote the singer.

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