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23:53, December 5

"Junior Eurovision 2022" officially started today in Yerevan. The opening ceremony of the contest was held on the Republic Square, where this year's delegates from all 16 countries first walked the red carpet, and then lit up the main Christmas tree of Yerevan together.

During the event a musical written especially for the contest was presented, and the winners of Junior Eurovision Song Contest in different years and Armenian participants of the contest also performed on stage.

ARS_3776.JPG (783 KB)

The hosts of the event were Dalita, the representative of Armenia in "Junior Eurovision 2011", TV-radio presenter Hamlet Arakelyan and Aram Mp3, who represented Armenia in "Eurovision 2014".

The main concert of the contest will be held on December 11 at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex.

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This year's contest participants are Armenia, Albania, France, Georgia, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malta, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands and Ukraine.

"Junior Eurovision 2022" is a jubilee event: it is held for the 20th time, two of them in Armenia. Yerevan also hosted the competition in 2011, after the victory of Vladimir Arzumanyan. STYLE presents a photo report from the official opening ceremony.

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ARS_4014.JPG (219 KB)

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Syune Arakelyan

Photo: Arsen Sargsyan

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