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Laura Pausini wears Armenian fashion designer’s dress on Billboard magazine cover (PHOTOS)

12:08, March 13

By Syune Arakelyan

Famous Italian singer Laura Pausini has posed for the cover of Italian Billboard magazine wearing a dress designed by Armenian fashion designer Faina Harutyunyan.

In an interview with STYLE, Faina noted that she was extremely happy when she saw the aforesaid world star on the cover of a famous magazine in her dress.

Also, the Armenian fashion designer told how this was achieved and talked about the history of this now-famous dress.

"I presented the dress in September during the Milan fashion show. I was contacted by Tariel Bisharyan, who organizes exhibitions and various fashion events in Italy and tries to pave the way for Armenian [fashion] designers there. He told me that they had seen my dress at the [Milan fashion] show and liked [it], and suggested that we send it to try on. Of course, he notified that they cannot promise anything. But I couldn't have imagined that not only they will like it, but it will be on the cover of the magazine," Faina said.

331519460_152526024354262_4598853176833263902_n.jpg (51 KB)

The Armenian fashion designer received the photo of the aforementioned magazine only a few days ago.

"I didn't expect [it]... I was very happy," she added.

Of course, this is not the first time when Faina's clothes are liked by foreign stars. Recently, Ukrainian singer Anna Asti posed for the Russian Marie Claire magazine wearing this Armenian fashion designer's dress.

"In this case, too, the singer's stylist, Nikolay Ovechkin, had seen and liked the dress, again during the Milan [fashion] show. He called and said that if I managed to send it to Moscow within the given day, maybe Anna would be photographed with it for the magazine. They had notified again not to wait for that particular dress to be approved for the photo shoot. And when they sent me the photo, I was very happy again."

325955184_621718029717921_8691420606729254945_n.jpg (137 KB)

The Armenian fashion designer informed that she is working on novelties now as well.

"There will be a lot of news if everything is good in our country. I am not planning anything. I dream of creating an Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)] collection, which will be inspired by the history of Armenia. If it works out, I will show it this year, God willing."

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