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ArtLife Kempinski Residences: The Epitome of Style or The Enchanting Gatsby Experience in the Heart of Yerevan

20:30, July 10

The essence of The Great Gatsby era embraced the center of Yerevan on a delightful Friday evening. A glamorous red carpet, vibrant decor adorned with ostrich feather fans, cascading glasses of Veuve Clicquot champagne, ladies dressed in exquisite Art Deco fashion reminiscent of 1920s America, and the timeless allure of jazz music— all converged at the Diana Abgar Park, also known as Malibu.

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Distinguished members of local high society, including politicians, businessmen, designers, and artists, gathered at the most fashionable event of the season. This grand celebration was organized by Renshin Urban Investments  and Kempinski, marking the launch of cooperation of the 2 companies in the frames of ArtLife Kempinski Residences Yerevan, the premier branded residential complex in Armenia. The choice of a Gatsby-themed party was no coincidence, as it artfully reflected the architectural aesthetics of the future development.

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From the moment guests set foot on the crimson carpet, they were instantly transported to the enchanting ambiance of 1920s America. The acclaimed jazz musician, Vahagn Hayrapetyan, as well as the Diamond Black band, filled the air with captivating melodies, while Anna Kuznetsova dance show dazzled the crowd with an exquisite dance performance. Champagne and cocktails flowed freely as agile waiters elegantly weaved through the guests, serving delectable appetizers such as profiteroles with red caviar, prosciutto, and mozzarella.

The ladies wholeheartedly embraced the evening's dress code, adorned in flowing dresses, sequins, pearls, feathered headbands, capturing the Long Island style of the 1920s with a modern twist for 2023. They were posing in front of the cameras with pleasure. 

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The gentlemen complemented their attire with stylish wide-brimmed hats. Among the notable attendees was the renowned Russian showman, Garik Martirosyan, accompanied by his wife, Zhanna Levina. Zhanna elegantly donned a stunning red fringed dress designed by Aka Nanitashvili, beautifully complemented by her Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. It is worth mentioning that the couple themselves are future residents of ArtLife Kempinski Residences Yerevan.

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"We purchased an apartment in this complex a year and a half ago, perhaps even earlier," shared Garik. "When Renshin presented us with the project's layout, we were astonished that a residential complex of this caliber would be built in my hometown. Without hesitation, we decided to make the purchase. Now, after two years of dedicated work on the complex, we celebrate this milestone with a magnificent party. I am thrilled to have such a project in my beloved Yerevan."

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When asked if they would consider permanently moving to Yerevan, Garik confidently replied, "Without a doubt. My mother, our children, and us currently reside in an older house compared to this complex, built during the Stalin era. We eagerly anticipate expanding our living conditions. Everyone dreams of residing in such luxurious surroundings. I have never had such a spacious and grand apartment in Yerevan. The dream has come true! This is significant news."
Zhanna Levina praised the beautifully glamorous organization of the party, remarking, "It's delightful to see all the guests adhering to the dress code."

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Singer Sofi Mkheyan, dressed in a stunning "total white look" from Armenian designer Arevik Simonyan (Kivera Naynomis brand), described the event as the most radiant and luxurious gathering of recent times. "The spirit of Gatsby is truly alive here."

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"I am delighted that Kempinski has arrived in Armenia. This complex will not only offer luxurious living but will also serve as an art space. This aspect is highly important, and I wholeheartedly embrace it. The event has been impeccably organized with remarkable style. It brings me great pleasure to witness events in Yerevan continuously reaching new heights," expressed designer Armen Yeritsyan, who sported a vintage 1920s jacket, matching shoes, and iconic Լinda Farrow & Bernhard Willhelm glasses from 2015.

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TV host and actress Nazeni Hovhannisyan turned heads in a stunning silver fringe dress with an open back. While she did not disclose the designer's name, she emphasized that her outfit choice was inspired by the evening's atmosphere and style. Speaking about the focal point of the party, Nazeni remarked, "A project that centers around the development and promotion of art cannot be anything less than luxurious and of the highest quality. Architecture, being one of the branches of art, should provide a beautiful and lavish setting for various artistic expressions. Through today's event, I have already witnessed that the Kempinski project intends to fulfill this vision."

"Life is made for days like this."

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The pinnacle of the evening arrived with the signing of an agreement between Renshin Urban Investments and Kempinski, graced by the presence of Levon Kasparov, COO of Renshin, and Christophe Piffaretti, Development Director and Board Member of Kempinski Hotels SA.

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"With this signature, our entire team behind the ArtLife project embraces the responsibility of upholding the highest international standards, creating numerous new opportunities for those who appreciate a Life in Art and Art in Life," declared Kasparov.

According to Kasparov, ArtLife flawlessly integrates Kempinski standards in every aspect. "Each resident and guest of ArtLife Kempinski Residences Yerevan will experience the service equivalent to that of a five-star hotel. The residents and guests of this multifunctional complex will have access to a range of services available only in world-class hotels. These services and their exceptional quality are guaranteed by Kempinski standards and will be provided through Kempinski Suites Yerevan."

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Kasparov projected that ArtLife Kempinski Residences Yerevan would be fully completed by the end of the following year. "All apartments will be meticulously renovated to embody the epitome of luxury. They will be delivered to our customers, fully ready to move in." He further emphasized that ArtLife Kempinski Residences Yerevan is a significant investment project, with the total investment amount surpassing 80 billion drams upon completion.

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Furthermore, future investments will contribute to the economic development of Armenia.

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Ani Mavyan, Head of the Project Management Department at Renshin, highlighted that the public space within the ArtLife Kempinski Residences Yerevan complex will be accessible to both residents of Yerevan and visitors to the capital.

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"We have accurately curated everything necessary for a fulfilling life, all in one place. ArtLife will also serve as an art center, housing galleries, an event center, a cinema, and a children's entertainment facility. The complex will undoubtedly become a favorite destination for tourists visiting our country. I can confidently say that ArtLife Kempinski Residences is a new landmark for our city and the entirety of Armenia, destined to captivate and charm. As we often say, 'Life is made for days like this.'"

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...As white confetti filled the air, blending with the scent of delicate perfumes and the lingering aroma of cigars, the powerful aura of The Great Gatsby's New York resonated through the summer high-society gathering in the heart of Yerevan, accompanied by the timeless melodies of jazz. In that moment, it seemed as if one of Fitzgerald's cherished characters was observing, whispering softly, "Yes, life is made for days like this."

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