9-page dress code, 1,000 guests, more than $100M: Asia's richest man is marrying off his son

19:34, March 1

Dignitaries and celebrities are arriving in Jamnagar, India for the three-day pre-wedding celebrations of the son of Asia's richest man, Mukesh Ambani. Global tech CEOs, Bollywood stars, pop icons, and politicians are expected to attend the three-day event, which promises to be a lavish and expensive affair. Guests will be entertained by A-list stars, including Rihanna, who has already arrived in Jamnagar. She was reportedly paid £5 million to perform at the celebrations. (20).jpg (147 KB)

The celebrations will cost a staggering £120 million, sources told The Daily Mail. The catering contract with one of India's leading five-star hotel groups alone is rumored to be worth around £20 million.

Sources also claim that this figure will "increase significantly" and millions more are planned to be spent in July when Ambani's son, Anant, and Radhika Merchant will get married in Mumbai.

For his daughter's 2018 wedding, Ambani reportedly paid Beyoncé $6 million for a private concert for guests.

The events have already gone viral due to their nine-page dress code and 1,000 guests.

The celebrations start on Friday. The day’s events are billed as an "evening in Everland," which will look like a lavish cocktail party.

амб1.jpg (132 KB)

On Saturday, partygoers, dressed in their best "jungle fever" attire—though "comfortable shoes" are a requirement, will take a "walk through the wild" at the Reliance Animal Rescue Centre. The latter is a project of the future groom who is passionate about wildlife. The invitation states that "Anant has lovingly transformed this complex into a haven of care and compassion for thousands of rescued animals," according to The Times.

Saturday night will include dressing up in "dazzling" Indian outfits for "mela rouge"—mela means "fair" in Hindi. It is reported that the bride is being dressed by famous Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

The final day will be another showcase of the magnificent local views and Anant's obsession with animals as guests participate in the "Tusk Trails." Here they will meet 200 elephants, 300 big cats, and 120 reptiles.

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The evening, of course, will entertain the guests with a bang. Guests are asked to dress in accordance with their "Indian heritage" to attend the Hastakshar or "signing ceremony" to be held at the temple complex of Jamnagar Township.

The Ambani family has actually rebuilt or renovated 14 impressive new temples in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat especially for Anant and Mukesh’s celebrations, The Times of India reported. This goes some way to indicating the seriousness of this event within the family and local community. The temples are reported to be "architectural marvels" with beautiful sculptures of Hindu deities, beautifully decorated historical sites and huge mural-style paintings.

The Ambani family organized as well an “anna seva” ceremony by setting tables for local residents to seek the blessings of the local community for the pre-wedding celebrations. The treats were delivered to approximately 51,000 local residents and will continue to do so over the next few days. (7)-2.jpg (118 KB)

Ananta's elder sister, Isha, got married in 2018 with equally fabulous celebrations. This wedding reportedly cost $100 million and included an engagement ceremony on Lake Como, a "ghagra" or 16-piece embroidered skirt in pearl white, and a special ceremony in Mumbai where entire streets leading to the venue were decorated with thousands of fresh flowers orange and red colors.

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