Siamese twins Abby, Brittany Hensel from TLC reality show get married

16:37, March 29

Siamese twins Abby and Brittany Hensel from the TLC reality show have married Josh Bowling. The marriage took place in 2021, but this became known only the other day.

This was first reported by Today magazine, which obtained documents related to the reality TV stars’ wedding. In addition to confirming the marriage record, Abby and Brittany's joint Facebook account recently updated their profile photo to include a photo of the conjoined twins in their wedding dress. In the photo, Bowling is seen from behind wearing a gray suit and holding Abby's hand.

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The couple now lives in Abby and Brittany's home state of Minnesota, where the twins work as fifth-grade teachers. The sisters first gained fame in 1996 on The Oprah Winfrey Show, where they told the world about their lives as conjoined dicephalic twins. Abby and Brittany share all their organs and blood flow. (14).jpg (124 KB)

Abby controls the right arm and leg, her sister controls the left. After meeting Winfrey in 1996, the twins documented their lives on the reality series Abby & Brittany, which ran for one season in 2012. (6).jpg (74 KB)

Since then, they have lived a normal life in Minnesota. After the twins were born, their parents, Patty and Mike Hensel, were given the option of separation surgery, which they felt was too risky. Doctors told them Abby and Brittany's chances of survival were very slim. “How can you choose between them?” their father, Mike, told Time magazine in a 2001 interview. Speaking about the possibility of his daughters getting married someday, he had said in the same interview that he sees no reason why they couldn't enjoy marriage like everyone else.  

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