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20:22, December 17

The 21.12.12 number has magic in numerology and it appears in “tzolkin” ancient Mayan calendar, which has become the reason of the upcoming apocalypses.

The key talismans of the transformation for people are going to be ornaments on Mayan topic. Let us see what fashion houses offer to avoid the end of the world. So, the Merendon Company released a collection of bijou, which carries the symbolism of Indian civilization of Maya and is exclusively made from gold and silver.

Legendary Versace fashion house distributes subtleties of ancient Mayan culture through its Maia collection from gold, rose sapphires, rubies and diamonds.

Another fashion house Lola Yala released a Mayan Serpent collection, where the lines as a snake repeat the hieroglyphs, distinguishing between life and death.

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