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The Representative of Cyprus in Eurovision-2017, Hovig speaks about his Armenian roots and his visit to Armenia

20:05, December 23

As we have already informed, this year Hovig Demirjian will represent Cyprus in Eurovision Song Contest. The singer, who has Armenian roots, is already in Armenia. STYLE has met Hovig today and had a very interesting talk with him.

-Hovig, is this your first visit to Armenia?

-Yes, I'm here for the first time. Happy to be in Armenia. Unfortunately I can't stay here for long time, but I'm sure I will have a lot of fun here.

-I suppose, you haven't seen much of the city, yet…

-During this period I could only see a lot of ice here. But even that is so pleasant to me.  There is no snow in Cyprus, I like this scenery very much. I'm in love with my country. People living here are so sweet and welcoming…

-How it happened, that you and your family live in Cyprus?

-My Mother was born in Cyprus, my Father is Syrian-Armenian who has been living in Cyprus for a long time. I was born in Cyprus, but I feel very Armenian. So happy to be here.

-So, how is Armenia for you?

-I always imagined Armenia as such. It is very beautiful. Now when I'm here, it even seems to be more wonderful…

-You have such a fluent Armenian. I suppose you speak Armenian in your family.

-Yes, my family has always tried to keep our language and traditions. Being Armenian is very important for us. I have studied in an Armenian school in Cyprus, we have a lot of relatives there. So, we have always spoken Armenian with them. I speak Armenian, I write in Armenian, I sing in Armenian. Love my culture and try to do my best in order to promote it.

-Ok, let's speak about Eurovision. This is not the first time you've been trying to represent Cyprus in that Contest…

-Yes, but for two years I've been trying to do it through music competitions, but this year without any contest it was decided that I should represent Cyprus in Eurovision. I'm so proud for this fact, because this shows that people value my efforts and my work.

-How people in Cyprus refer to the fact that  an Armenian singer will represent their country in the Contest?

-Armenians are not foreigners in Cyprus. We have very good relationship with each other. I think there is no difference between me and Cypriot singers.

-Armenia will choose it's Eurovision participant through the project «Depi Evratesil». Have you been following this show?

-Yes, I'm rather familiar to this project. I think the participants are very talented singers. So, I think that Armenia will have a very strong entry this year.

-Anyway, Marta or Artsvik? Who is your favorite?

-I think they both are very talented singers. I can't choose any favorite between them. Whoever will be chosen I'm sure, she will represent Armenia with the best quality.

-With which song would you like to represent Cyprus in Eurovision?

-I don't know what song I'm going to perform yet, but I hope it will be clear till February. Anyhow, my song will be written by a very talented composer Thomas G: Son, who has also written «Euphoria» for Loreen. He is so talented, he is able to make any song to fit any artist.

-What do you think what is the most important factor in Eurovision?

-Each artist should carry a great work on themselves. You should represent good song, great vocals and fantastic show. Each factor is very important.

Hovig, how long are you going to stay in Armenia?

-I can't stay for a long time but I hope to be back soon. Maybe, I will also come here to represent my song. By the way, you can watch me performing during tomorrow’s show of «Depi Evratesil».

Syune Arakelyan

Photos by Arsen Sargsyan

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