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13:05, November 15

Famous singer Tamar Karelian, who has represented Armenia in Eurovision 2015, together with her teammates of Genealogy, will try to take part in the contest once more. Tamar has decided to participate in Armenian selections for Eurovision 2018- in the project Depi Evratesil, and has even composed a song together with her team, where famous musicians Sebu Simonian and Der Hova are involved. The singer has revealed some interesting details on their collaboration and her participation in the contest.

“It all happened organically! I came to Armenia in September very inspired after being in Israel for 10 days. Sebu Simonian (Capital Cities) had sent our Nvak songwriters a track to write to while I was there. (Nvak is the nontraditional music education program that I launched in Armenia two years ago; each week, I give our students songwriting assignments). One of our songwriters, Ovsanna, wrote a cool melody to Sebu’s track. We took that melody; Der Hova created a new track around it; and that’s how the process began. After a few days, we knew we had something very special”,-says Tamar also revealing the subject of the new song.

“The song is about sudden love—the type that catches you off guard. The type that you don’t know whether it is good for you or bad for you. Our team is amazing. On the production and songwriting front: Sebu Simonian, Der Hova, the Nvak songwriters, and I are involved. And Arthur Gourounlian is our amazing creative director and choreographer”.

Tamar has already been on Eurovision stage. Will this experience help the singer to have a success in Depi Evratesil?

“I’ve been making music for 15 years. And I think that all of my experiences leading up to this point will help me in the competition. I’m ready for people to know who Tamar Kaprelian is. And I think people will be blown away by what we are putting together! The song is modern, but it is still ethnic and Armenian because we are using traditional Armenian instruments”,-she answered.

The singer adds-she wants to show Armenian talent on Eurovision stage.

“I think I want to be able to showcase the power of teamwork and collaboration and how putting together an incredible team is the key to success. I also want to be able to showcase Armenian talent. Our youngest Nvak songwriter on the team, for example, is 14-years-old; her name is Sanahin. I would love to take her to Eurovision with me, and use Eurovision as a platform to launch her career too”,-says Tamar.

Syune Arakelyan

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