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21:12, April 30

You get what you give in a relationship If you expect mutual understanding, try to understand that everything is reciprocal. It is a simple formula that works every time.

Don’t fight to have someone in your life Many forget the simple truth that you can’t make someone love you. Never try to have someone be a part of your life. You can never know if that person needs that or not.

People change, and it’s normal. People’s demands, ideas and even convictions change over time. So, if someone tells you you’ve changed, don’t look for defects.

Perhaps those changes are to your benefit. There’s nothing bad about something going wrong in a relationship. In this case, it’s better to send congratulatory remarks to each other from a distance and keep nice memories than try to get what isn’t left in a relationship. Be sincere.

You need to work on a relationship A relationship isn’t built on its own. It requires the participation of all parties. Sincerity, reciprocity and respect — these are the foundations without which any relationship will fail.

You have to be able to forgive

Disputes are a waste of time. The less time you spend on frustrated people the more time you will have to spend with the people you love.

If you got into a dispute with a close one, restrain yourself. Don’t let anger take over you. If you do, you might say things that will make you feel ashamed. Sometimes you can destroy relations with careless words.

You can’t change a person Only a person can change himself. So, you have to learn to accept your relatives and close ones the way they are. If you don’t accept something, be honest and tell them about it. The person you love might want to change for you.

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