Arsen Grigoryan speaks on new Armenian comedy film OTTK, new collaboration with Sarik Andreasyan

12:08, March 17

By Syune Arakelyan

Director Serj Gabyan has a new comedy film, OTTK, which will premiere on April 6. It tells a robbery story which, according to the creators, turns into something "very Armenian." 

One of the leading characters is played by actor Arsen Grigoryan. In his new interview with STYLE, Arsen shared some details on his character and talked about his upcoming news.  

The title of the movie opens, like “Oty Toty Tvanki koty,” which are words from Armenian dialects.

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"This title reflects the whole movie in a very best way. We have a lot of dialects in Armenia, and we're also very different by our tempers. In this movie, different types of Armenians find themselves in various conflicting situations. The title somehow represents that diversity and strange situations the characters appear," says the actor.  

Arsen embodies a character named Kyazh—a typical Armenian nickname. According to the actor, this character is very familiar among all the Armenians.

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"There have always been people like Kyazh in our society, and he looks so typical in a comedy like this. You know, I think the most tragic thing is that Kyazh is not an invented character, he really exists among us," he says.  

The actor says while playing this character, he was mostly inspired by the ideas director Serj Gabyan had.  "I only thought for a while, then immediately agreed to be in this project," he says. "On the whole, the atmosphere is very important in every shooting area. Thanks to Gabyan, the whole staff had maintained that positive atmosphere, which, I'm sure, you will feel while watching the movie."  

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The shooting of the film had taken place in Yerevan, and Arsen says they were full of funny moments. 

"While shooting one of the scenes, I had forgotten my lines and said something very funny, which made everyone laugh. But the director decided not to cut it off from the movie; so, I'm sure you will realize what part that was (he laughs). On the whole I'm very excited about this project. I'm sure will feel all these emotions while watching it," he said.  

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Besides the upcoming premiere, Arsen is working on a new movie, "Manyunya," which is a story by Narine Abgaryan. The producers of this film are Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyan, and the director is Arman Marutyan. 

"I'm also very actively working on my new stand up show and new songs. There will also be some music videos during this year," Arsen Grigoryan adds.

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