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17:10, January 29

In collaboration with Arup and Heerim Architecture, UNStudio has unveiled its innovative Ferris wheel design at Sangam World Cup Park in Seoul. This landmark project, initiated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, aims to redefine the concept of Ferris wheels.

The concept project UNStudio won the preliminary competition. The consortium, which includes UNStudio, Arup and Heerim Architecture, has been selected as Seoul Housing & Communities Corp.'s partner to present the project to the capital of South Korea.

колесо1.jpg (80 KB)

UNStudio's spokeless Ferris wheel, dubbed the "Seoul Twin Eye," is a key element of the Seoul mayor's ambitious vision of the "Han River of a Thousand Sunsets." Designed with two intersecting rings, it will be the highest of its kind in the world, standing at 180 meters.  The innovative design includes two pod-carrying rings that rotate around inner and outer tracks. 

колесо2.jpg (49 KB)

The Seoul Twin Eye will have a capacity of 64 capsules, each accommodating 20-25 people, and promises to provide a unique and immersive experience for more than 1,400 visitors at a time—almost double the capacity of the famous London Eye. The Seoul Twin Eye will be located on top of a 40-meter-high cultural complex which will house an exhibition space, a concert hall, and retail, food and beverage outlets, enhancing the overall visitor experience. 

колесо3.jpg (50 KB)

Reaching a staggering 220 meters in height, the Seoul Twin Eye will not only offer breathtaking panoramic views of Seoul, but will also cement its position as the world's highest spokeless Ferris wheel. 

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