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Eurovision 2017. German representative Levina’s walk in Yerevan and exclusive interview with STYLE

16:35, April 13

The German representative in Eurovision 2017, Levina is in Armenia. The singer was exploring the city. Some hours ago STYLE was having a walk with her in Cascade. We took some photos of her and talked about Eurovision, Armenia, Komitas, Artsvik and a lot more. She even learnt some Armenian for her fans)

Read the details in our interview with the singer.

-Levina, nice to see you here in Armenia. Did you know that you’re very popular here after your performance of the famous Armenian song «Kaqavaik» by Komitas?

-(Smiling) First of all I want to say, that I’m really happy to be here. I loved the people and the country. As for the song, it was really a very challenging experience, the language was very different and the melody had a typical national sound, which is not common for German or English pop music. That was challenging, but also very fun and I enjoyed it.   

-Why did you decided to choose particularly that song?

-Actually, I think Artsvik suggested these few songs because obviously now I know that Komitas is a very famous musician, composer in Armenia and I think that was great to perform his composition.

-How Armenia became one of the countries during your promo-tours?

-A few weeks ago I was in Georgia. Also we have been to other Eurovision events and concerts in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam. We sent a few messages to different countries and we’re very happy to be hosted in Armenia.

-It’s the first day you’re exploring Armenia. What are your impressions?

-I really love it. Now I’m in Cascade. It’s a beautiful building. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s very interesting, it’s quite European. When I saw it yesterday at night it reminded me of Italy. I haven’t saw that much yet and hopefully I will be able to see more.

-Have you already met Armenian representative Artvik?

-Not here. I’ve met her in Tel Aviv and in Amsterdam. I think I will meet her today. I really like her. She’s a very nice person. You know, when you’re in these tours and there are so many participants it’s hard to get to know one person really close, there are too many interviews and events. So we haven’t spent too much time together, yet but we got on together really well.

-Do you like our song «Fly with me»?

-I like it. I think it’s a very powerful song and she has a very powerful voice. And I like the music video as well. It’s really very creative and cool.

-Ok, let’s speak about your song, «Perfect Life». What is according to you a perfect life?

-Well, of course that’s a difficult question, but I think the most important message of my song  and for the perfect life as well not to have negative situations and to make positive out of everything. All the bad things happened with you will lead you to a perfect life, because in the end they will make you who you are.

-Do you have favorites among the participants? Do you already see the winner of the contest?

- I’m not sure, because I think there are lots of good contestants, we have some really good mood songs, other songs are more ballads, others more emotional. There is a big variety. I exactly don’t know who will be on the top in the end. But of course I wish I could be on top 10.

-What expectations do you have from Eurovision?

-I just want to take this experience from this event. I want to enjoy the time, to get to know different cultures, because everyone is celebrating the music together. For example, now I’m in Armenia and this is already a good experience for me. Besides you will be able to practice as an artist, you’ll be performing on such a big stage, reaching so many people. And I hope I can reach some people with my music and will have a nice memory from this contest.      

Syune Arakelyan

Photographer: Arsen Sargsyan

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