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Famous Parov Stelar Band to perform in Yerevan

15:43, September 3

The famous Parov Stelar Band will hold a concert at Hrazdan Stadium in Yerevan on November 8. For the first time, such a large-scale project is being implemented in Armenia.

The event is being held as part of the Silk Note Festival.

Parov Stelar and Parov Stelar Band are the projects of Marcus Fuereder. The latter is the founder of the electro-swing music genre, one of Austria's most successful internationally recognized artists.

Parov Stelar became popular right after the release of his first EP Kiss Kiss, and LP Rough Cuts. The unique sound, distinctive approach to music and a unique combination of genres of music soon made him a rising star on stage. Parov Stelar has worked with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Lucas Graham, Marvin Gay, Brian Ferry, Klingande and many others.

Vocalist Elena Karafizi will join the band for the first time during the tour.

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